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  • Ignite your Language Journey Today-Middle School Spanish!

    Spark enthusiasm for Spanish language learning success with this all new and exciting LIVE virtual Spanish class! Middle school students will get a jump start preparing for future middle school or even traditional high-school Spanish classes. The course includes practical learning of Spanish conversation foundations, advanced vocabulary, and verb conjugations for sentence structures. Students will stay engaged with games and cultural anecdotes in this live interactive virtual setting with their peers. Act now to ensure your child is a part of this comprehensive bilingual experience and give them the building blocks to succeed in Spanish that they’ll use for a lifetime! *Class will be held via ZOOM platform. A district issued student device will NOT work for this class.
  • Embark on your Spanish Language Journey!

    The road to Spanish language learning success begins with this all new and exciting 16-week Spanish adventure! In the fall session, Vamos por el pueblo (Let’s go to the town) the class amigos, Dani and Beto, share the culture and daily life of a small town in Mexico. After break, the journey continues with Vamos a la ciudad (Let’s go to the city!) to the bustling city of Madrid, Spain. Students will learn practical conversation skills as well as vocabulary related to the home, community, health, sports, and pastimes-- all in Spanish! This stimulating class environment energizes and motivates students to explore the enriching cultures and passion of the Spanish language. Act now to ensure your child is a part of this comprehensive bilingual experience! (Space is limited.)