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  • Summer Spanish Camp-¡Vamos a Imaginar! “Let’s imagine!” (Live Virtual)

    In this thrilling LIVE virtual summer camp, students will use their imagination and learn Spanish vocabulary related to their favorite themes~ superheroes, princesses, magic, dinosaurs, mermaids, unicorns, and more! Each class students will explore age-appropriate adventures– All in Spanish! Basic conversation and Spanish vocabulary such as colors and counting will be incorporated to build on their skills each week. Class will include interactive activities learning Spanish vocabulary and practical conversation elements. Join us on a magical adventure! *Appropriate for incoming students in Grades 1-5th with any level of Spanish experience. *Basic computer experience and the ability to access ZOOM is required. ZOOM is not available on district issued devices.
  • Fun Chinese

    Are you interested in having your child learn a new fun language that is spoken by over 1 billion people? Are you considering to enroll your child into a Mandarin Chinese immersion school next school year or in the near future, but are wondering if the language would be a good fit for him/her? Does your child have a Chinese heritage background, but does not speak the language at home? Is your child fascinated by the tones in the spoken Chinese and/or by the strokes in the written system in Chinese? If yes to any of the questions above, this class would be a good choice for your child this summer. The course is designed for students with zero or limited Chinese proficiency, but would like to give themselves some challenges in learning a new language. During this 11-day course, your child will explore and learn about different topics in traditional Chinese, such as numbers, fruit, animals, etc., through various fun and exciting activities. The goals for this course are to spark your child's curiosity and have them embrace the love of learning the Mandarin Chinese used in Taiwan and the Taiwanese culture, so that they would want to continue to learn this fascinating language in their life. The skilled, native Taiwanese instructor with more than 20 years of teaching experience will show the students that learning Mandarin Chinese is FUN via her interactive lessons.