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  • Acupressure To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia & More

    Acupressure is an ancient healing art and self-help tool.  It can offer great relief with no side effects and help you feel your best.  Along with the specific points to help relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and even weight gain, you will learn the Nine Master Pressure Points which are the most helpful and most frequently prescribed to help and assist every system in your body.  
  • Allina Health, Change to Chill

    Presented by Allina HealthChange to Chill is a free online tool to help students identify their stressors and learn how to manage them - this is know as resiliency training. Allina Health will provide a hands on training for all who work with teens. This training will provide you with on overview of the online lessons and tools then provide you with ways to help you implement the program in your setting. The online lesson include information on mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, guided imagery, and relaxation. This presentation is open to any person that works with youth - parents, staff, educations, other community members, or for those looking for tools to help build their own resiliency.
  • Carver County's Biggest Loser

    Be Carver County's BIGGEST LOSER!  Join this 8 week Weight Loss Challenge and learn tips...tricks...and how to lose weight and keep it OFF!  Each week a NEW nutrition topic will be discussed and taught.  Each participant will receive a personalized Nutrition Consultation and meal plan outline.  $100 will be returned in cash to the person who loses the highest % of weight in 8 weeks.January 22nd - Welcome...introduction...class outline...meal plan outlinesMarch 19th - Final class...celebration & weight loss winner announcement
  • Choose to be Happy!

    Happiness is not an event or a destination, it’s a way of life. In this interactive class, you will walk through the thought process of a happy person and learn to practice it in your life. Turn problems into opportunities, transform thoughts, release fears, drop struggles and embrace your best life. Whether you have it all or are still working towards it, this thought-provoking class will give you the power to shift your life and achieve happiness now.
  • Essential Oil Make & Take!

    Oil blends are created by combining several single oils to form an entirely new product.  Blends are formulated to address a specific physical or emotional theme or issue.  Oil blends are different from single oils but not necessarily superior.  Still, blends may be more equipped than single oils in some ways.  When oil blends are formulated well, they create synergies, or increased effectiveness in supporting those specific issues they were created to address.  You will be taking home a few items from made in class as well as additional recipes on how to make more!You'll take home between 2-3 oil products along with multiple recipes!  Each session is a different type of Essential Oils product.  SF - Summer Fun Oils, P - Perfumes, WR - Wellness Rollers.  Please note, there will be a $30 supply fee to be paid to the instructor at the beginning of class.  Please bring cash and note taking materials.
  • Introduction to Essential Oils 101

    Essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, as well as physical and emotional wellness. The positive healthful benefits of Therapeutic grade essentials oils are boundless. Learn how they can have life long enhancing benefits for you and your family. Each student will receive a 288 page encyclopedia of oils, blends, and applications. The class will be taught directly from this book. There will be a $20 supply fee to paid to the instructor at class, please bring cash!  Please bring note taking materials and a bottle of unflavored water.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness

    Who owns your mind? Ownership of your mind and life experience is available to you!  With the hectic pace and various stressors of life today, it's easy to lose yourself into constant thoughts and emotional drama.  The practice of Mindfulness invites you to step back from your automatic thoughts and reactions to life's challenges and allow you to discover the freedom of responding to your life with peacefulness and presence.  We will discuss the meaning of mindfulness and explore our own inner wisdom and awareness using proven techniques of meditation.  All are welcome to join this class.  
  • Navigating the Virtual Playground: Healthy Choices and Worrisome Pitfalls for Today's Youth

    Presented by Alison Feigh of the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center - April 25th, 2018 6-7:30pm CHS B100 Blue Forum As technology grows and adapts, children are growing and adapting right along with it. The online highway can have some steep learning curves, for students and for parents. Youth can find themselves in over their head as technology choices move faster than their developmental abilities. Technology isn’t a bad thing, but young people need help in navigating these tools so that their empathy and sense of self can also grow and develop. This presentation details the risks students are facing and practical, positive ways that adults can respond. Presented by Alison Feigh of the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center**Sponsored by Community Education**
  • Overcome Your Carbohydrate Cravings

    Do you crave starches, snack foods, and sweets and find the more you eat, the more you want to eat? Is your snacking out of control? In this workshop, we will discuss a two week plan that will STOP your cravings (no kidding!), help you lose weight and help keep your insulin levels balanced. Overcoming carb cravings is not a matter of willpower but a matter of biology. Learn how you can stop the vicious cycle of food craving and weight gain. No hype - just the facts. 
  • The Psychology of Persuasion : 10 Laws of Persuasion

    How do you get people to say and think yes? What would really happen if you could gain compliance almost as often as you want?  In this training, you will discover the 10 laws of persuasion that ethically influence others to your way of thinking.  The ability to communicate persuasively is a skill that can be used in all aspects of your personal and business life. Instructor Josh Gretz is an authorized and licensed presenter of the bestselling book by Dr. Kevin Hogan, The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others To Your Way of Thinking.  Yes, you will get your own copy of the book to take home.  Certificate of attendance will be available.  
  • Women, Weight and Hormones

    Are you finding fat is collecting around your mid-section and no matter how well you watch what you eat or how much you exercise that weight is not budging? If this is your story, your inability to lose weight probably has more to do with your hormone levels than anything else. Until you discover and correct any imbalances, trying to lose weight will be like shoveling sand against the tide. In this workshop, you will learn 7 key strategies for fighting fat and losing weight, including: concrete solutions (not tricks, not using your own will power) for controlling appetite and cravings; ten simple things you can do every day to keep your metabolism burning brightly; how to tell if your thyroid is creating weight problems for you and what to do about it; major sources of hormone mimicking chemicals and how to get rid of them; what HRT and birth control pills have to do with weight gain; how to have your hormone levels checked reliably; what steps need to be taken to safely break the vicious cycle of hormone related weight gain; and how to help your body begin to lose weight again.