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  • 48 Days to the Work you Love

    Whether you are just entering or re-entering the workforce or looking for a career change, this course will help put you on the right path. Utilizing a comprehensive personality assessment the instructor will help you identify your calling based on your specific skills and abilities, personality, value set, dreams, and passions!Discover how to find a whole new perspective on your job opportunities. The interactive 48 Days Application Guide shows you how to think differently about your career options – everyone is in charge of their work/life happiness and this class shows you how!During the “48 Days” you will be working through the application guide and complete the personality profile. This course is about practical application and participants will complete a defined job search or business start-up process. Although not covered in class, the book you will receive does have religious references.Course price includes $72.00 Class Supply Kit
  • Beyond the Basics - Alterations

    Are you able to thread your machine and sew a simple straight stitch?  If so, you are ready for the next step!  In this class we will learn the basics of simple alterations that will extend the life of your wardrobe and create a fit just for you.  Topics include hemming, repairing holes, increasing/decreasing waistbands and repurposing garments.  You are encouraged to bring your own machine, but we will have machines available for use as well.  Samples will be provided for practice during class.  You are also welcome to bring your own projects for guidance and practice.  Whether or not an alteration can be completed in class depends on the time required and complexity of the alteration.
  • Beyond the Basics - Maxi Skirt

    Are you able to thread your machine and sew a simple straight stitch?  If so, you are ready for the next step!  In this class you will learn to work with knit fabrics and read a pattern to make a soft and stylish maxi skirt! You are encouraged to bring your own machine, but we will have machines available for use as well.  We will email you a list of materials to bring with you to class.  If you do not receive a materials list, please reach out to Community Ed prior to class.  Please make sure to purchase the correct type of materials for the best result.  Ask for assistance at the store if necessary.  
  • Fresh Natural Spring Soaps

    Join our soap making party! Learn how to make fun, easy, beautiful and super moisturizing detergent-free melt 'n pour soaps with nutrient rich natural oils and butters. Luscious refreshing fruit and floral phthalate-free fragrances you'll love for spring like orange cream, lemon, peach, peony, passion fruit, lilac, berry, melon, and more. Lovely soaps make amazing gifts for the gardeners in your life and for Mother's Day. Why not bring your mom or daughter to class! Take home soaps in 4 fragrance blends, DIY recipes, expert soap making tips and source lists to make more at home. Cost of materials ($20) will be collected in class.
  • Planning Your Personal Life After Retirement - What Do You Do Now?

    Most people plan for the financial side of retirement, but often don't focus on the personal side.  Many spend more time planning a week of vacation than they do their life after retirement.  Explore the personal life-planning questions you need to ask yourself and/or discuss with your spouse or partner before you retire.Everyone looks forward to retirement, however, leaving one life behind to begin another is often more difficult than expected.  Whether you planned in advance for retirement or it came unexpectedly, there are many aspects of retirement and a "new life" that many never think about prior to retirement.  After you retire, your daily life will change in more ways that you probably imagine.  Developing a clear picture of how you want to live your life after you retire will help you make better plans and adapt more easily to the changes retirement brings.
  • Southwest Metro Job/Education Fair

    Carver County Workforce and Eastern Carver County Schools are once again teaming up to sponsor this job fair for area employers, job seekers and students.  We would again like to feature area learning institutions and offer the community information about other career opportunities.  Year to year, this job fair has attracted many exciting employers and learning institutions and has drawn between 200-300 or more job seekers each time.  Cost $100 for Educational InstitutionsCost $150 for Area EmployersRegistration deadline:  March 15th
  • Unclutter Your Life (Part 1)

    What do I do with all this stuff?  Clutter affects every aspect of your life and stresses you out!  Learn what to get ride of, and how.  This interactive class helps you identify your priorities and provides a step by step process for simplifying your lift, starting with all the clutter that makes us all crazy.  You can keep (and do) more of what matters and less of what doesn't.  Let's get started now!
  • Unclutter Your Life (Part 2)

    OK, you got started.  What now?  In Part 1, you identified your priorities and started a process to simplify your life.  In Part 2, continue the process.  Delve deeper into some of those more challenging areas of our lives.  Using what you learned, you are ready to take on bigger projects, and even the more emotionally charged things that clutter up your life.  Take it to the next level, establish your priorities and extend simplicity into all areas of your life.Prerequisite: Unclutter Your Life Part 1, or permission of the instructor.