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  • Acupressure Facelift

    Acupressure is an ancient eastern healing method that works with the energy that flows through your body.  Stimulating facial acupressure points can help erase years from your face naturally, bring a healthy glow to your skin; increase muscle tone; decrease puffiness and eye bags; reduce lines and prevent new lines from forming; even decrease headaches, relieve eye strain, soothe nerves and increase relaxation.  Learn how to make your skin as healthy as possible from the inside out.  
  • Become the Creator of YOUR Optimal Life

    Become the Creator of YOUR Optimal Life: A Commitment to Know, Accept and Transform Yourself-Vocational, Financial, Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Well-being-through Guided Play and Self-Exploration within a Supportive CommunityDo you want to:Wake up excited about the day to come?  Authentically connect with yourself and others? Experience true happiness? Become the very best version of yourself in all areas of your life? Then you're ready to become the creator of YOUR optimal life and this 16-month group coaching program is for you! Our goal is to empower you to know and accept yourself, so you can truly transform and create immense success and satisfaction in your life. We'll use fun and engaging exercises and activities to support you in discovering who and where you are now, figuring out where you want to be and why, and setting purposeful action plans. And all within a supportive community of others doing the same. This series is tailored to the unique needs of women, but all are welcome.Your Host and Master Coaches and The Habits of Health Transformational System (Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Your Life Book and app) by NY Times bestselling author Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, and will be your guides.  There are four independent, but interconnected modules.  Each module consists of four monthly sessions including one all-day, in-person session and three 90-minute virtual sessions. Each module builds on the previous learning and growth, so we encourage you to take all four modules, but you may take as many as you like.In-Person gatherings will start with our Host Coaches guiding you to recognize your current situation for that topic, contemplate why you want to transform, identify what you want to create, and strategize how to get it. We will break for a catered lunch and reenergizing movement and quiet time. Then our talented Master Coaches will guide you using their gifts to enable you to go deeper in knowing, accepting, and transforming. In-Person gatherings will be: Facilitated by our Host and Master Coaches Located in the auditorium at SouthWest Metro High School, 401 East 4th St. Chaska, MN Run from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CT on the designated Saturdays. Virtual gatherings will provide ongoing accountability, sharing, support, and encouragement. Virtual gatherings will be: Facilitated by our Host Coaches Over Zoom video webinars Run from 7-8:30 P.M. CT on the 2nd Tuesday of the designated months. Module 1: Know and Accept your Gifts, Become Free: Create YOUR Optimal Vocational & Financial Health (Registration Deadline: August 31, 2019) In Person: 9/7/19 – Sing like you don’t need the money  Master Coach Barbara McAfee, Voice coach, Singer/Songwriter, Keynote speaker, and Author: Barbara merges lessons from 12 years in organizational development and 25 years as a voice coach with the transformational power of sound. Her presentations blend practical content, sophisticated humor, and thought-provoking questions. Virtual Gatherings: 10/8/19, 11/12/19, 12/10/19 Module 2: Know and Accept your Thoughts & Feelings, Become Joy: Create YOUR Optimal Mental & Emotional Health (Registration Deadline: December 28, 2019) In Person: 1/4/20 – Love like you’ve never been hurt  Master Coach Yvette Erasmus, Psy.D., LP: Yvette is an internationally experienced teacher, coach, and therapist. She specializes in compassion-based strategies that support people in transforming relationships within themselves and between each other. She brings extensive training in nonviolent communication, mindfulness, couples communication, trauma, attachment and depth psychology to her work. Virtual Gatherings: 2/11/20, 3/10/20, 4/8/20 Module 3: Know and Accept your Body, Become Fierce: Create YOUR Optimal Physical Health (Registration Deadline: April 25, 2020) In Person: 5/2/20 – Dance like nobody’s watching  Master Coach Dawn Brunn, M.Ed., Certified Life Coach and AbunDANCE Wellness Coach: Dancing, singing, storytelling and silence are the four universal healing salves and Dawn founded AbunDANCE Wellness Coaching to bring this ancient wisdom back by popular demand. She is a Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Adult Education & 20 years of Corporate Consulting. Virtual Gatherings: 5/12/20, 6/9/20, 7/14/20 Module 4: Know and Accept your Self, Become Present: Create YOUR Optimal Well-being (Registration Deadline: September 5, 2020) In Person: 9/12/20 – It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work  Master Coach Jess Leigh Lyons, M.Ed., Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator: Jess co-creates experiences of deeply knowing oneself and one's truth by using improv, play and storytelling to own one's own presence. Additionally, she works with folks one-on-one to listen to their body and develop their own tools to live into purpose. She's a Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Curriculum and Pedagogy. Virtual Gatherings: 10/13/20, 11/10/20, 12/9/20 Host Coaches:Laurie Gauer, Independent Certified Health and Well-being Coach with OPTAVIA Laurie has been coaching people to optimal health and well-being for over five years. She is passionate about supporting people in creating the life they want around what matters most to them.Jennifer Embery, Speaker, Certified Empowerment Coach, and Writer After 20+ years as a leader in corporate America, Jennifer made the transition to her life on purpose. Now she helps women over 40 rediscover who they are, determine their ideal future, and design a plan and path to that future. Fee: Includes a catered lunch, snacks, and beverages at each live event.      *Per module (1 live event and 3 virtual events): $199/person.   Bring a Friend-$179/person      *Sign-up for all 4 modules now (4 live events and 12 virtual events): $699/person.    Bring a Friend-$629/personHabits of Health Transformational System (Book, Workbook, Phone App, and weekly webinars) will be used for all 16 sessions: $50 one-time fee (You will order this on your own. We will send you the link to do so once you’re registered.)
  • Hypnosis: Weight Loss/Stop Smoking/Chewing Tobacco

    All behavioral changes must occur at an unconscious level to be lasting. The experience is relaxing and you are fully aware, conscious and in control at all times. Weight Control: Stop your cravings for sweets and salty and greasy foods. Get motivated to exercise! Stop smoking: If you have a desire to quit, hypnosis can help immediately without withdrawal, cravings or gaining weight. You may bring a pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag for added comfort or stay sitting. Wear comfortable layered clothing to adjust to room temperature. Fee includes reinforcement CD and a lifetime membership for free future classes if reinforcement is desired. Introduction for both sections begins at 6:00, weight loss section follows while smokers take a break off school grounds for that last cigarette, then reconvene for smoking cessation section. For more information visit http://www.hypnosisclinic.net. Check-in starts at 5:45 pm.
  • Lighten Up Your Holidays!

    Do you get frazzled during the holidays? Doing things last minute and feeling rushed? This hands-on class will help you get organized, freeing your time up for more enjoyment, less stress! Bring back the joy and have a peaceful holiday season this year!
  • Self-Care for Parents & Educators

    Have you been searching for practical techniques to help children who display evidence of stress, depression or trauma?• Would you like to be able to recommend effective, evidence-based interventions to overwhelmed parents?• Would you like to feel less stressed as a parent and/or educator?For more than 25 years, the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, founded by Dr. James Gordon, has been teaching a model of simple and practical techniques for wellness and stress reduction to healthcare professionals, educators and community leaders. Now, Sheila Bauer, an educator in our district and a faculty member with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) has created a class with our unique needs in mind.• Learn practical, easy-to-use strategies to help yourself and others.• These proven techniques work for every community, ethnicity and culture.• Each class is a combination of education and practice.• Magic happens when people combine the techniques (specific types of movement, guided imagery, and breathing) with their innate wisdom for healing. • Build resilience within community.Dr. James Gordon, a professor at Georgetown University and the wellness consultant to two White House administrations, is often one of the first mental health experts called when tragedy strikes. He has worked with returning US military veterans, refugees, inner city students, first responders after 9/11, traumatized children on both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli war, and most recently with the community of Broward County, Florida in the aftermath of the school shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. About his work training educators and healthcare providers he says, “The model we have feeds people’s souls as well as their sense of who they are as professionals.”Trauma, in one way or another, comes to all of us eventually. We see the effects of trauma in our students, our families and in our culture. Mind-Body Skills groups were specifically created to relieve the symptoms of stress and trauma while promoting lifelong health. 16 Mental Health Clock Hours (CEUs) available from the Continuing Education Committ
  • Women, Weight and Hormones

    Have you noticed that no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise, you are still gaining weight?  And, the weight you are gaining is going directly to your midsection?  When we reach 40, the rules for losing/gaining weight change drastically, especially for women.  Discover the latest research on 40+ female fat physiology and what your hormones have to do with it.  Receive seven strategies to help you lose weight and restore health.  This is information every woman should know.