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  • Dying, Death, and Philosophy

      This class is not about selling grave plots, life insurance, preparing wills, etc.  It is also not about a religious lecture on the next life.  Rather, it is an expansive opportunity to explore our own fears and apprehensions of dying and death, in the context of scientific and philosophical studies.  It will explore many different views of dying...all in the context of that final step...personal death. This class is not for the dying, but for those who are healthy, happy, and anticipating extended life into the future.  We prepare for living throughout our lives, but we do very little to prepare for our ultimate death.  Understanding the reality of death and examining the process and various ways to prepare intellectually and even spiritually can add much to the way we conduct our daily lives.  David Paulson has conducted this course over a period of 40 years completing his Master's with Dr. John Brantner, former chair of the Psychiatric Dept at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Brantner did research on dying and death with Kubler-Ross.Participants should bring a note book and will be asked to make personal observations throughout the class, come with open minds and set aside any preconceived notions about death.