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  • Guide to Planning your Dream Trip to Italy

    *In-Person or Virtual Option Italy is a dream destination for many people. There are so many things, places and sights to do you choose? Is your interest art, food culture, fashion, history, Ancient Rome, music or something unique? Are you planning a honeymoon, an anniversary, a family or solo trip? When is the best time to go? What if you don't know the language? How do you best use your time while there? I will help guide you through the process of determining how to focus your trip itinerary based on your interests and organizing all the details. Whether it is your 'Bucket List' trip or you 10th visit, I will help you through the initial planning of your journey. The instructor will provide the meeting code/password via the email you provide if you register for the virtual option. Community Education programs follow the district Fall Safe Learning plan. For up-to-date information, visit