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  • Home Buyer Seminar

    Buying your first home? Don’t know where to start? Understand in today’s market, first time home buyers are finding low interest rates as well as homes with mortgage payments less than rent. But really, where does one start? I will help and provide you as much information about buying your first home I will first take a look at the entire buying process from the financing to the purchase agreement all way to the closing. Many buyers want to know: what types of down payment assistance programs may be available? What price range of home can or should you look at buying? How do you start the process of starting to look for various properties for sale? I will take you through the entire process of buying your first home.
  • Prepare Your Own Will

    Who would raise your children if you died? Who will be your executor? Without a will, the laws in Minnesota and a judge make all of the decisions. Take charge of these decision in this class. You will leave with a simple will prepared and have new peace of mind. Instruction and all the necessary forms, witnesses and notaries are provided. Will form is included in the tuition. Instructor Adam Altman is an attorney experienced in drafting wills. Please add name of significant other in 'note section' if registering as a couple.
  • The New Reality of Retirement Workshop

    How is retirement different than that of the previous generations? Likely a retirement that is quite different. What’s the outcome? The method to the retirement planning process must change. This workshop begins by exploring an updated approach to retirement planning that accounts for the challenges and pitfalls that are unique to the reality in which we now live. The New Reality of Retirement has something for everyone. We cover financial issues that pertain to self-employed as well as employees of corporation and government agencies. This workshop is designed educate you on how to help increase your net worth and align your retirement goals with your current financial state. Coordinating a comprehensive retirement plan.