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The Pulse

The PULSE is designed to meet the needs of older elementary and middle school students as they grow into responsible teens. At times, young people will be outside of the direct supervision of adults with clear expectations about appropriate boundaries and rules. This will apply to certain times on site as well as field trips throughout the summer. Abuse of rules, check-in times, and set parameters will result in loss of privileges. Attention to the needs of young teens and pre-teens will be given and, at times, different age groups will have different boundaries in terms of supervision.

Participants of the PULSE program will have the opportunity to go on field trips throughout the summer. A schedule will be available by early April. In addition to the scheduled trips, PULSE may add impromptu trips as decided by the participants. Ideas will be generated by participants and could include an afternoon movie on rainy days, trips to Dairy Queen, local parks, etc.

In order to provide more flexibility to accommodate older children’s busy schedules, PULSE families have an option to pick their days of attendance for the summer. Pick your day schedules must be completed by Friday, April 14th 2023. After April 14th scheduled days will not be refunded. Additional days may be added as space allows for an additional fee.

This year, families may also choose to register using a consistent schedule of 3-5 days per week, the same days each week. Choosing a consistent schedule is accompanied by a $2/day discount. For those who choose a consistent schedule, vacation days may be requested.

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