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  • Chicken En Croute

    We start with a classic Caesar salad using fresh baked croutons, Romano cheese and sweet cherry tomatoes.You’ll assemble the entree wrapping tender breast of chicken in flaky puff pastry with shallots and portobello mushrooms. Together we’ll prepare an amazing sweet, rich sauce. Sides will include asparagus with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon along with a delicious Jasmine rice blend using toasted almonds and dried cranberries. We will finish with chocolate decadence, a rich flourless chocolate torte served with an exquisite raspberry coulis and fresh whipped cream.
  • Four Famous Ethnic Cookies

    Learn to create the rolled Norwegian cookie, Krumkakes, made with cream, butter and cinnamon or sometimes flavored with vanilla.  Italian Pizzelles are also baked on the top of the stove using an iron but are a flat, anise-flavored cookies sometimes flavored with vanilla.  They chewy, almond Swedish Sandbakkelse are delicate golden brown in color and are baked in tiny tins to resemble tarts.  Finally, we will master deep fried Rosettes-those exceedingly fragile, paper thin Scandinavian delicacies dusted with confectioners' sugar.  Expect great recipes plus the many tips and techniques that will make your baking a success!  Please bring containers to bring your creations safely home.$13 food fee paid to instructor at class.
  • Lefse

    This wonderful Norwegian delicacy is made for banquets, holidays, weddings and all special occasions. If you are Norwegian and missed recording Grandma's recipe, tips and techniques - this is the class for you! Note: other nationalities find lefse delicious too. Learn the fine points in making the dough, baking, storing and of course how to serve lefse, bonus is a bit of history and humor too. We will begin with real potatoes using a number of authentic recipes and a modern version using instant potatoes. Plan to sample your fresh, warm creations with traditional fillings plus take home finished lefse and dough to bake then share with family/friends. $9 food fee paid to instructor night of class. 
  • Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

    We'll start by learning how to make basil pesto then practice it's versatility creating a delightful appetizer using it in combination with fresh baked bread, roma tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Next we'll toss it with vermicelli and cream to make a delicious pasta topped with diced tomatoes and roasted pine nuts. "Cappellini" is next tossed with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, tomatoes and sautéed baby shrimp. Finally, "fettuccine alfredo primavera" a divine combination of fresh veggies, Parmesan cheese and cream. We'll finish with a classic "Tartlet", sugar dough layered with pastry cream and fresh fruit with a sweet apricot glaze.
  • Traditional French Cuisine

    Experience exquisite French classics beginning with French onion soup topped with toasted croutons and gruyere cheese then browned to perfection. You’ll prepare "Coq au Vin", tender breast of chicken sautéed with pearl onions, mushrooms and bacon in a rich burgundy sauce served with a delicious wild rice blend and green beans amandine. We'll finish with "Crepes Suzette", thin French Pancakes served with an exquisite orange citrus sauce.
  • Traditional Italian Cuisine

    Enjoy the marvelous flavors of traditional Italian cuisine starting with "Panzanella", a toasted bread salad with refreshing summer vegetables in a light vinaigrette. You’ll prepare “chicken saltimbocca” using thin sliced prosciutto ham and fresh sage in a lemon, caper, artichoke butter sauce. You’ll make potato gnocchi (Italian dumplings) then we’ll toss them in a medley of sauces including, basil pesto, marinara and brown butter with sage and walnuts. We'll finish with "Cannoli", fried pastry filled with sweetened ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, served on a pool of chocolate sauce, garnished with pistachios.