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12-24 Months - World of Ones

ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) -
Summer 2022

World of Ones for 12-24 Months 

Discover the developmental needs of a one year old and learn about what drives them in their quest for exploring the world around them.  Learn what parents can do to maintain equilibrium in the household amidst the opposing drives of this age. This is a gradually separating class and there is no separation during the first class.  After the firsts class the amount of separation time can vary anywhere between 10 minutes and 40 minutes and is determined by the needs of the children, the needs of the parents, the ages of the children and the staffing of a particular group.

Sibling care is not available for summer ECFE courses


2208-S22 Closed
Family Learning Center / Community Education : Room 127
Wednesdays, Jul 13 - Aug 3
9:00 - 10:30 AM


Ages   1 yr. - 2 yr.

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