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High School Math League

Youth / Academic Enrichment / High School Academic Enrichment -
Fall 2022

Coached by: Sarah Roemig

What We Do

The League exists to identify students who have unusual mathematical ability or interest, to give them recognition and encouragement, to bring them together with similar students, and to give them the opportunity to study topics not commonly taught in the high school curriculum.

League activities are designed to challenge students with high and unusual mathematical ability, but also seek to influence general mathematics education. We believe that a program like ours is shortsighted if it is not also developed in a way that strengthens mathematics education for all students.

How We Work

Member schools belong to a division of five to ten schools that often are aligned with their athletic conference competitors and are within reasonable geographic proximity to each other to allow for travel to meets. Each school competes with a team of up to eight students and an unlimited number of individual participants. The schools in each division come together in person for five meets each season. The season runs from early November to early February. Awards are given for top division schools and individuals.

For the purpose of State Tournament qualification, the schools are also grouped by class and section. The top scoring team in their virtual section, as well as wildcard teams within a class and top state scorers overall, and the top scoring students in each division, are invited to the State Tournament which is held on the second Monday in March at South St. Paul High School.

Each season, there are 165-180 schools that participate in the League in 26 divisions. Over 3,000 students participate.

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  Sarah Roemig

Chanhassen High: - Chanhassen High School : W118 Classroom/Maple (desks)
Wednesdays, Sep 14 - Dec 14
9:20 - 11:00 AM

Chanhassen High: - Chanhassen High School : W118 Classroom/Maple (desks)
Mondays, Sep 19 - Dec 19
2:45 - 3:45 PM

  No Class Nov 23

Grades   9th - 12th

Price: $ 275 00

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