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Family Literacy--Adults

Family Literacy-Adults -
Family Literacy 2021/22

The family literacy program provides parent/s and their children access to the exciting world of learning and opportunities. Our goal is to build literacy skills across generations and help families acquire the tools they need to grow and thrive. Families with children 6 weeks - 5 who are interested in learning English are encouraged to apply. Parent/s attend with their children four days per week in the afternoon. Adults will have time to focus on personal educational needs as well as parenting education opportunities. Children will enjoy quality age appropriate learning.

 Please register your infant/toddler hereThis course is for adult education only.

FL 240021
Family Learning Center / Community Education : Multiple Rooms
Mon-Thu, Sep 13 - Jun 2
1:00 - 3:30 PM

  No Class Oct 6, Oct 21, Oct 25, Nov 24-Nov 25, Nov 29, Dec 8, Dec 23, Dec 27-Dec 30, Jan 17, Jan 24, Feb 9, Feb 21, Mar 28-Mar 31, May 11 & May 30


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