Prairie Fire Theatre presents "Sleeping Beauty"

Prairie Fires newest show, "Sleeping Beauty" is an action packed romp with something for everyone. The golden age of Hollywood comes to life in this over the top version, set on a movie set in the 1930's. Everything that can go wrong, does!

Directors Role: Drama Mama and The Hypnotist
Cast Includes: The Movie Crew, the Actors, the Production Staff, the Henchmen, and the sheep.

Chaska High School

Monday, July 8                                 9am-1:15pm                 Auditions & Rehearsal
Tuesday, July 9                                9am-1:15p                   Rehearsal
Wednesday, July 10                         9am-1:15pm                 Rehearsal
Thursday, July 11                             9am-1:15pm                 Rehearsal
Friday, July 12                                  3:30pm-7pm                 Rehearsal
*Friday, July 12                               7pm-End of Show       Performance
Saturday, July 13                             1pm-2pm                       Rehearsal
*Saturday, July 13                          2pm-End of Show        Performance

**You do not need to purchase tickets for the performances.  They are free of charge.


Price: $ 105 00