Nick Ford Music Lessons 2018-2019

Please do not make payment for lessons until you have contacted the Music Instructor and a lesson schedule has been established.

*Nick will keep track of how many lessons have been received. He will then let students know when it is time to make payment for another set of lessons.

Nick Ford Music Lessons (CE lessons) - Nicholas Ford

Nick Ford’s earliest memory of loving rock guitar began in the mid-80s when his older sisters introduced him to Judas Priest. This early initiation into heavy metal inspired Nick to pursue guitar first as a hobby then as a career.
After 2 years of studying classical guitar at St. John’s in Collegeville, Nick transferred to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. At Berklee, Nick studied under Jon Finn, Robin Stone, and David Tronzo.
These days Nick’s business includes session guitar gigs, lecturing in music theory, and teaching private guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele lessons around the Twin Cities. He also plays events, writes & edits music, and performs with his band Semeron.


  Nick Ford Music Lessons (CE lessons) - Nicholas Ford